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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 9, 2007 9:41pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: PLF - Mr Charlie 2006

sorry respected forum contributor....

i am a little bitter at harm intended. as far as what's out there now, and i am talking like the whole spectrum of pop jazz and soul AND rap music i'm having a HARD TIME getting into what's going on -- you gotta get me EXXXxcited....really show me something for me to offer up much respect.

so here's this guy i've heard of a bit, but almost entirely from the insular forum where we speak now....OK? so now i see this video...and there he is, playing a dead cover....i mean the dead and the stones took some "covers" and made them their own. that is not really what is going on with the DEAD CONTINUUM right now. these bands dont really further the music....perhaps only in a way to those OVERLY FAMILIAR with the music. to US, yeah, maybe there is something different but.....really?

i am almost obsessively listening to the dead again, after many years off, and i am happy to be back....i think i get something out of it....yet i have little to no inclination to check out the Dead Continuum projects for any reason other than go pay homage to phil or bob....

i followed phish from 90 - 94/95, and IMHO they were THE ONLY WORTHWHILE BAND in the "jam band" scene.....and not only is that scene kaput, i know for a fact, i could never listen to phish again, at least not to the extent that The Grateful Dead still appeal, still seem deep and IMPORTANT.

if i wanted to go see a hot live show now and get off on some music, maybe Antibalas or Sun City Girls or OK even GSYBE a couple years ago, maybe Acid Mothers Temple, is like the only thing i can think of that could possibly be even remotely close to something like seeing a dead show....when i first went to shows in 88/ you woud be soooooo excited to go....

so no, i dont have any problem with steve kimmok, but it's just a guy playing some dead tunes....ok so he happens to be playing with phil, good for him....but he could just as easily be someone else and it would sound the same....this ISN'T LIKE hearing some jazz band play "Little Sunflower" or "April in Paris," ok? if you have your own repertoire upon which you are building and then you throw a dead song in there because it is of a piece with your roots, and it comes out in an organic way, THEN you are saying something, putting your stamp on a piece of music that you have learned from.......WAAAAIIIIITTTTT A MINUTE....I'M WRONG THAT IS WHAT:S GOING ON HERE!!!!!!!

they're turning "St Stephen" into "St Thomas"......Ohhhhohohoh....i better go listen to some good old dead and stop thinking about it.....and next time Phil is playing in SF at the Great American or Orpheum i am going to go over to north beach and check out the Bishop at Grant & Green and see if he's blowing on "Night & Day" or maybe just maybe he'll play a little eyes of the world....i know he would have something to say about it.